L'Chaim CAtering & AtEres Charna

Now, Everyone can enjoy their special day in the most lavish wedding hall.

The acclaimed L’chaim Catering has been invited to serve as exclusive caterer with the luxurious Ateres Charna wedding hall. For its inaugural year, Lchaim offers Extravagant Packages at affordable prices..

Not Only Does L'Chaim prepare and serve the most distinctive cuisine; L'Chaim shares in your Simcha planning to present it ever so beautifully - All at the same reasonable rate.

A delectable cuisine, distinctive presentation, and an unbeatable reputation of superiority makes L’chaim Cateting the first choice for baalei simcha and event coordinators. L’chaim Catering is the exclusive caterer at the Ateres Charna wedding hall, with privileges at many other ballrooms and hotels. To get the taste of it, contact us.

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